Christianity, Believing, Reasoning & Suffering

The author of Christianity, Believing, Reasoning & Suffering grew up in a typical working Christian home where the belief system was based on a complete ignorance of the church organizational structure and required an acceptance of the ‘meaning’ of the scriptures as taught to them by their parents and the local church. GOD, the source, is a life enabling energy and the essence of unconditional love. The only avenue for communications with GOD is unconditional love for mankind and all of the life he has manifested. Religious institutions claim they are the only path to GOD, but address themselves to rituals that benefit the institution. Communications with GOD comes from the heart, not rituals. If you are one of the 70% of church member going to church seeking a true communications with GOD or attending church for social acceptance or have realistic doubts about your path to GOD or the intention of the church you are attending, this book is a must read.

54 Pages – $9.99


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